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Car Trouble and Work....Both sucks

Well, my car is in the shop because of a worn out belt, the power steering fluid pump is leaking and messed up. The original mechanic wanted to charge me $400 to get that done. I also wanted a tune up and an oil change, which would cost me an additional $200 dollars! Geez! Am I made of money or something?

So I had a friend of mine to call around for prices and I found someplace cheaper. I just need to get my lazy dad to wake up and help me drive the car to the shop. Then I need to buy the parts and have the guy do it for me.

Work. Urgh. It's not that I hate my job, I am just lazy. Haha. I want to stay in bed. However, I have to come in at noon today and yeah. Work to 7pm. Bummer. But I do need the money as I would be making up some of the hours I missed while on vacation.

Anyway, I gotta get ready to go and find something to eat before work. Otherwise I will be starving.

Keep coming back...

I am so inconsistent with this journal thing. I come in and then quit. Then a year later, I try it again. Hehe. That's me.

I went to San Diego just last week and being back in Houston again makes me want to go back there and never come back. I am healthier there (as I walk A LOT and eat healthier) and happier. Whatever I do, I plan to at least move out of Houston. Maybe to Colorado or California. The weather in those places are nice and I would have more things to do that is just 'me'.

So yeah. I have nothing to say right now. Just want to say that I am going to try the journal again. It's good for me to rant to something, even if I don't get any response and sympathy from anyone.

I said before that LJ is boring but I come back here every day for updates of my favorite authors of fiction. I might as well use it as a diary and journal.

I guess I will see you around. Peace.
I am still alive. Birthday is on Feb 3rd. Wish me a happy birthday. Still play GaiaOnline and still on FB.


LJ is so boring. No one comments but then I don't know many people and LJ is not as popular anymore. I mainly use it for fic updates and stuff.

Right now, I am about to jump the wagon and try out Facebook. But it is sad that they don't have Usericons or a 'journal' portion. The 'notes' is lame compared to this. We will see...
Didn't go to work either. Shame on me. Well I could have gone in for an hour or so but it's not worth it. I should be doing my homework but ehhh....I will later...at least two of them. XP Someone kick me into doing it!

Dermatologist & Cleaning -gasp-

I went to the dermatologist today and found out that there's nothing wrong with me. =__=; The hair loss is due to stress more like and my skin issue is already gone and on the healing process. So it was a waste of time and money. But oh well. At least it gives my mom a peace of mind.

It turns out that being at the doctor took more time than expected so I missed class. I could have gone in late but meh. Didn't feel like it so I went home. Unfortunately, I did not sleep or do any relaxing. I did some cleaning (because it's my dad's birthday today) and I have to wait for the repair guy to come fix (again) my washing machine since it doesn't want to continue onto through the cycle of washing. =/

So now I am done cleaning the house or more like organizing it and now it's a waiting game. I had work at 3pm but Sears said the repair guy will be here between 1-5pm. =___= Why couldn't they time it better like between 2-3pm or something. -sigh- Oh well. -fiddles thumb- Oh loook! I see shiny fics! 8DDD

Study study study

Well, seeing as my test is on Friday, I need to study MAJOR! The only time I can study is at night since the day time is occupied. XP

I am trying to keep a planner and do things each day so I stop procrastinate but yeah, we will see how long that will last. But no! I mustn't think negatively!

Lame, yes I know.

I command you to click and get them warm!
I should write more pen scribbles just to amuse Fayah, but I am too lazy to scan them. Haha!
Woke up early today so I could go to school and spend some time studying. What? Why is your jaw dropped to the ground? I can study! Yah huh! I did for real! Uh...I did spend half that time reading <___< other things but I did study.

The test was pretty easy. Watch. With my luck, I got a C or something.

Went to get my car inspected for that sticker. And now I am waiting at home for the repair people to come fix my washer again. -sigh- This is the second time it won't work. Note to self: Do Not Fill Clothes To The Top.


I should be studying for my test in Biology that is on Friday, which is from Chapter 1-4. Yikes! -dives for cover- Instead...I am going to nap before I go to work. Haha! Shame on me but oh well. ^___^